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Jul 22, 2019

Jared Easley, Co-Founder of Podcast Movement shares the "must-sees" for this year's conference as well as his tips for a managing your podcast workflow.

Podcast Movement is the largest podcasting conference in the world. It's happening in Orlando, this August the 13th - 16th. 

He's also the host of Starve The Doubts podcast and a the co-author fo the book Stop Chasing Influencers

"If you want to get noticed, instead of saying notice me, notice me, start by first noticing other people...That creates rapport and that creates reciprocity and that creates people saying 'we love this.'" - Jared's tip for growing your community. 

I'd love to learn more about you. Please fill out this SURVEY! 

Work Flow Tools: 

  • Google Calendar
  • Slack 
  • Asana - Project Management
  • ConvertKit - Email Marketing 
  • In Gmail there’s a function called “mail merge” Jared loves

Tips to grow your podcast audience: 

Invite a friend to co-host with you. They’re honored to be a part of the show, and then they are usually one of the first people to promote the episode.

Time Codes: 

19:30 Jared shares how he lost $40,000 while investing in his Podcast Movement dream. 

23:45 Why you shouldn't quit. 

31:20 Podcast Movement Community - Facebook Group

41:41 Jared dives into the details about Podcast Movement. WOOT! You'll have an opportunity to chat with the folks at Apple Podcast, Google, Spotify and more. 


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