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Sep 30, 2020

Anna Keenan is the host of the Self.Made.Sister podcast and the Regional Marketing and Philanthropic Manager at Kendra Scott. In this episode, Anna shares her launch story, her growth strategies, and her perspective on giving back, which is integrated into her work ethic. Anna emerged into podcasting after being one of Christine’s podcast coaching clients. In this episode Anna and Christine talk about working together, starting businesses and balancing "mom-life." Listen to the end for more on "Potty-Casting" 

What We Learn: 

2:30: Introducing Anna Keenan

6:00: How Anna ’gave birth’ to her Podcast

14:10: Achieving Success with her Podcast

15:50: Proudest Part of her Podcast

17:30: Biggest Struggles during her Podcast Journey

20:45 Marketing Strategies for Podcasting

24:00 Scheduling Time to Work on Her Podcast

32:20 Using Social Media Takeovers as Part of her Brand

34:15 Anna’s Professional Success using Pinterest

41:00 Anna Giving Back, All Inspired by her Work

49:00: The Importance of Data Review to Keep Track of one's Business

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Production:  Bright Sighted

Host: Christine O'Donnell

Guest: Anna Kennan

Assistant Producer and Editor: Matthew Feiler