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Sep 6, 2021

Arielle Nissenblatt, Founder of Earbuds Podcast Collective, Podcaster, and Marketer walks us through how to get your podcast featured on listening Apps. She shares how she’s already got sponsors for her new podcast without proof of listenership and walks us through a day in her life. 

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  • What makes a good podcast: Insights from a super listener
    • Content varies season by season
    • Orient your listener
    • Authenticity and transparency
  • How Arielle’s Idea For A Podcast Collective Came To Be
  • Why you shouldn’t go overboard with self-promotion on social media
  • How to reach out to podcast app platforms to get your podcast featured
  • How to overcome that feeling of being “intimidated” to reach out to others
  • Creative ways to turn “Press Releases” in your inbox into sponsorship opportunities
  • Arielle’s workflow to accomplish her newsletter and podcasting responsibilities

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