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Sep 22, 2020

Camille Finan is a business builder, professional carpenter, and host of the Remodel Your Life Podcast. In this episode, Camille Finan gives us an inside look into the world of monetizing your podcast and marketing yourself to solve real-world pain points, strategize the way you direct your audience, and improve your business.

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What We Learn: 

13:22  - The difference between capturing your audience versus directing them towards something that solves a problem. 

20:01 - Camille dives into the inspiration behind the Remodel Your Life podcast. 

29:00 - Camille discovered a method of monetizing her podcast that worked best for her.

30:58 - Camille discusses her first viral sale: “How to use a spray gun for $27” and turned it into a $40,000 success. 

40:23 - Camille breaks down the process of automation.


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