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Jul 17, 2019

Senior Vice President at Edison Research Melissa Kiesche dives into the latest podcasting statistics and what they mean for current and soon-to-be podcasters. We’ll learn unique market-proven strategies to grow your podcast audience as well as what data is telling us about the future of the podcasting industry.

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  • It’s become far more mainstream than it ever was
  • We are now over 50 percent of Americans that indicate they’ve ever listened in a podcast…
  • 7 in 10 Americans are familiar with the term podcasting.
  • Monthly podcasting: 32 percent of people say they’ve listened in the last month.
  • Traditional podcasting advertising is successful, for example: 
    • Host-read podcast ads
    • Podcast ads within podcast where you audience is.
    • Podcast listeners are a captive audience. these are people who are going to sit and listen to the podcast.
    • Branded/Sponsored podcast  - companies that will work with you to get a podcast out that’s specific to your audience. that will help you reach top 100 list.
    • Brand list studies prove that advertising on podcasting works
  • Habits of Moms and Media statistics and studies
  • Moms use their smart phone more than any other demographic
  • FOMO is a really powerful thing.
    • All it takes is content people fear they are going to miss out on unless they pay for it. So assuming Luminary follows that model. If they give us content we feel we can’t get anywhere else, then people are


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