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Dec 1, 2019

Summary: Lindsay Piper Shaw, an advertising campaign strategist with a passion for optimizing and scaling podcast initiatives shares tips on how to monetize your podcast with advertising in this week's episode. 

Lindsay is a Senior Marketing Consultant with Right Side Up - a podcast advertising company and has her own podcast: a murder mystery called “Murder We Wrote.” 


Important Time Codes: 

5:00 Think about brands you love - how to cold call?

You need 5,000 downloads per episode in a 30-day window if you want to attract advertisers

10:00 We don’t like more than 4 ads in an episode

11:00 I know we all want to make money with more ads, but I want to be very cognizant of the cistern experience. 

What is a CPM?

Let's do the math: The average cost per 1,000 downloads is $25 dollars. So, if you have 5,000 that would mean you make $125 in ad revenue per episode. 

Helpful TOOL:  Rate Calculator

15:00 How adverting agencies are tracking the success

17:00 Why you need a supplemental income when you start podcasting

?If I’d advise podcasters of one thing, I’d tell them to focus on growth." - Lindsay Piper Shaw 


19:00 Strategies for growth: 

  • “ad-swapping” with shows with overlapping audiences
  • use every tool that you have available
  • social media
  • Reddit
  • talking with other podcasters about what’s worked with them
  • If you love an Etsy store, write to them and say "hey, I really love to push an ad for your product in exchange for you sharing about it on your social media?


How To make your RATE CARD & Pitch Deck!

34:00 Midroll, host-read, and other ad jargon. 

39:54 How to successfully deliver a podcast ad that WORKS

Right Side Up website

Contact Lindsay on Twitter: @lpshaw