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Jul 8, 2019

If you have a business or brand and you want to increase your credibility and make more money -- you should be podcasting, that's according to VP of Podcaster Relations at Libsyn Rob Walch. 

Libsyn is the world's largest media host. It's where top podcasters like Joe Rogan, Sam Harris and Marc Maron host their podcasts along with 50,000 other shows. They've been publishing podcasts since 2004 and have more than 92 million monthly audience members.

This, of course, gives Rob Walch insider knowledge when it comes to measuring downloads, monetization and what it takes to successfully promote your podcast. 


  • Why social media followers don’t mean podcast listeners
  • Average Downloads.
    • 150 downloads in 30 days, is the median measurement for people who are “serious” podcasts.
    • If you’re getting 5,000 downloads per episode you’re in the top 5 percent of podcasts.
  • There’s approximately 600 Million bloggers vs 600,000 podcasters:  that’s a 1000:1 ratio. Room to grow.
  • 4.5:1 ratio IOS listeners  to Android listeners, but there are 5x more Android devices in the world.
  • Google is working to make “Google Podcast” a native podcast app for android users.
  • Your “RSS Feed,” supplied by your media host, like Libsyn, is the treasure map of your content on the internet
  • How to get your podcast on Apple’s New and Noteworthy list and what that means for your downloads
  • Word of mouth is the best way to spread /promote podcast
  • The most popular podcast are an hour long
    • The average of the top 200 podcasts in iTunes is 68 mins long, the median is 55 mins.
    • More people listen to podcasts each month than Siris XM or Pandora in the US.
  • Podcasting is still a predominately male industry with approximately 15 percent of female podcasters
  • Secret to growth: “Be Everywhere.”
    • Apple Podcasts / iTunes
    • Stitcher
    • Pandora
    • iHeart Radio
    • Radio Public
    • Spotify
    • Overcast
    • Podcast Addict
    • Smart Speakers
      • You can make your podcast an Alexa Skill
      • If your show is less than 10 minutes, you can create an Alexa Briefing
      • 86 percent consume on smart phone