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Aug 20, 2020

Denise Aquino and Patricia Destine launched their podcast, Rowing in Color, in March. Shortly after, their downloads exploded.

Now they are sharing how they’re dealing with the newly found success, how their brand is sparking dialogue on the important issue of race in the rowing world, and they reveal the strategies they are using to collaborate with other communities to continue to grow their podcast and make a real impact on people’s lives.


Time Codes

2:00 - History of Rowing as mostly a White sport

“A lot of white folks within the sports are having this awakening [...] wait there is something missing here.”


10:00 - Downloads blowing up in their first week! 

“I remember there were a few days I had to charge my phone 3 or 4 times that day cause I was corresponding with so many people at the same time.”


17:00 - Planning their podcast before officially launching it

“We threw around the idea for maybe a year [...] before putting it into action."


21:30 - Advice to people who want to get their voice heard via podcasting

“Don’t veer off course or change the way you set up your podcast because the conversation is not a trend."


28:00 - The struggles involved in being a podcaster 

“They (the audience) cannot see your face, they cannot see your body language, they just hear your tone [...] and that quickly can just be a turn on or turn off for them listening.”


31:00 - Webinars and Community Aspect of podcasting

“We connect people who have felt alone within the sensitivity, within the sport of rowing where there are so many blind spots.”

“[We] give folks not just a voice but also a safe space and a sense of community.”


38:00 - The Learning Curve within Podcasting

“The biggest thing is that [...] this is not about me per se. This is about this person telling their story.”


44:00 - Advice/takeaways for podcasters

“Your audience will always be there as long as they sense this drive of (you know) this person really cares about this topic.”



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