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Jun 16, 2020

Elsie Escobar has been podcasting for more than 13 years. She's an inductee to the Academy of Podcasters Hall of Fame and is a leading woman in the podcast space advocating for independent podcasters. 

She’s a rockstar podcast producer & co-host of two shows about podcasting:  The Feed - The Official Libsyn Podcast and She Podcasts, the podcast for women about podcasting and new media from the woman's point of view which has the largest woman only Facebook Group for women podcasters. 



10:13 caring for “your podcast baby”

20:32 Elsie's powerful statement

21:33 Elsie's challenging times in her life around the election and finding the right coach for her.

23:42 “Nobody was going to give me the power, the control, I had to take it. “

25:28 “having the courage to tell the world how you want them to talk about you.”

2933 an exercise in owning your expertise. It's such a challenge

30:32 “be really honest about your capacity as an expert and your ability to deliver that truth to the world.”

31:45 “If you can't live up to [the label you want] right now, chill, wait, grow into it!”

35:35 “When I'm [speaking up], I'm doing this for them, because they may not have access to the room, to the conversation to the....and if I diminish myself, I"m actually affecting all of them… That keeps me from feeling selfish.”

41:52 “I wrote stuff, but I never said it using my voice. There’s a difference in saying it.“


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