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May 26, 2020

“Why Do I Care?” That’s the question my Managing Editor asked me during the morning meeting on Day 1 of my first on-air reporting job in Augusta, Georgia. 

It sounds harsh, right?  It felt harsh at the time. 

I remember feeling a white-hot flash of rage fill my body as I prepared to defend myself for a battle. That feeling of rage quickly changed to embarrassment as I realized I didn’t have a good answer to her question. 

Why would a single, smart, sharp woman in Augusta, Georgia care about the story I was pitching? Would she watch that story when it aired on the news? 

For the life of me I can’t remember what story I was pitching, but it dawned on me during that morning meeting that my pitch was not worthy of my Managing Editor's attention… 

And that was my first lesson in working to really understand my audience as a TV journalist. 

And that’s a lesson I’m hoping to teach you. 

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