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May 26, 2020

“Why Do I Care?” That’s the question my Managing Editor asked me during the morning meeting on Day 1 of my first on-air reporting job in Augusta, Georgia. 

It sounds harsh, right?  It felt harsh at the time. 

I remember feeling a white-hot flash of rage fill my body as I prepared to defend myself for a battle....

May 19, 2020

Arielle Nissenblatt, Founder of Earbuds Podcast Collective, Podcaster, and Marketer walks us through how to get your podcast featured on listening Apps. She shares how she’s already got sponsors for her new podcast without proof of listenership and walks us through a day in her life. 

LAUNCH Succesfully

May 12, 2020

For #GivingTuesdayPodcasts and to help those affected by COVID-19; I am sending love by sharing some podcasts you should be listening too. Click the following link for more on how you can give back:

Fool Me Twice:

Self Made Sister:

May 12, 2020

Jules Hannaford is an author, independent podcaster and Webby Award nominee for Fool Me Twice. In this episode, she reveals the writing techniques that have her competing with the "big dogs" from Netflix and Luminary. Listen in for more on her writing strategies, transitions, and podcast structure. 

Click to...

May 4, 2020

Tom Johnson, Retired CNN President talks about the responsibilities of Today’s publishers.  If you’re listening to this & you’re a podcaster guess what? You are also a PUBLISHER…and that is a powerful thing. In this episode you’ll learn more about the responsibilities of podcasters today, what BIG PUBLISHERS,...